CLEVA POD® Product Technical Statement

Product Description

CLEVA POD® is a patented forming system for concrete slab foundations made from recycled and waste plastic. It is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to polystyrene raft waffle POD or slab on grade concrete foundations.


Dimensions: 1100 x 1100 x 220
Weight: 6.9 kgs

Scope of Use

The CLEVA POD® system is easy to install and ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The CLEVA POD® is suitable for all raft/floating slab systems throughout New Zealand.


CLEVA POD®s are a component used to create 100mm or greater concrete ribs throughout the floor, providing additional strength and excellent insulating qualities. CLEVA POD® typically is used with 100 or 80mm top slab coverings.


CLEVA POD®, specified and employed in accordance with the current CLEVA POD® Specification & Installation Guide, assists in meeting the provisions of
AS 2870-1996 Residential slabs and footings – Construction.

The POD component of a raft/waffle floor is a non-structural element. The ribs between the pods and reinforcing steel create the structural strength. Therefore, the CLEVA POD® meets the New Zealand Building Code by the nature of the “System” rather than the POD element alone.

In New Zealand and Australia there are no particular requirements on what is used as a void former in waffle systems. AS2870-2011 Residential Slabs and Footings only uses reference to “Formed void” in the design of a waffle raft and is silent on the method of forming the void. Certification agencies in New Zealand and Australia do not request any details on the actual void.

Thermal R Value

The CLEVA POD® supported by appropriate thermal insulation, meets, and exceeds the Homestar 6 rating as detailed in the below Thermal Modelling.

AirC CLEVA POD® 90mm Wall Hotedge Extra

AirC 90mm Wall Hotedge Extra

AirC CLEVA POD® 90mm Wall Hotedge Extra 25EPSVH_UF

AirC 90mm Wall Hotegate Extra 25EPSVh_UF

AirC CLEVA POD® 90mm Wall Hotedge Extra 50EPSH_US

AirC CLEVA POD® 90mm Wall Hotedge Extra 50EPSH_US

CLEVA POD Thermal Matrixes can be found here. Compliance – CLEVACO Limited

Quality Assurance

The CLEVA POD® manufacturers, Socobell OEM operates under a Quality Management System and is committed to complying with all requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.  The scope of the quality system includes the design, development, manufacture, distribution and recycling of products.


The CLEVA POD® foundation system components are manufactured from recycled and waste Polypropylene plastic and are fully recoverable, recyclable, uses renewable resources that are locally produced, is energy and thermally efficient, has a low environmental impact, is very durable, eliminates waste, and has a very positive social impact and compared to the traditional polystyrene and has an affordable life-cycle cost.

CLEVA POD® is manufactured in Australia by Socobell OEM, at their Sunshine production facility in Melbourne.

Installation Requirements

The CLEVA POD® installation uses the same skills and similar techniques to laying traditional PODs into raft foundations.

Service Life

CLEVA POD® will continue to satisfy the relevant performance requirements of the NZBC for 50 years, provided all the requirements set out in this Product Technical Statement and the specific design parameters of the project are meet.

Maintenance Requirements

CLEVA POD® components will not require maintenance.

Product Support

CLEVACO® provides extensive product support for our full range of plastic-based foundation products. By visiting you can access all the latest information regarding our products including Product Guides, Specification and Installation Guides, Technical Notes, Information Bulletins, CAD Drawings, and other useful information. In addition to this CLEVACO® have a team of Technical Experts available to assist with any product enquiries. You can contact the team by calling +64 21 669 528 or +64 27 475 5907 or by emailing

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